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About Me, The British Voice Over Man

Hi, I’m Paul, the British Voice-over Man!

I’m an award-winning voiceover talent from the UK and I have a smooth, adaptable and professional voice that can help bring your project to life!

I started out in voiceover in 2004, so I have plenty of experience to ensure that your voiceover project gets the professional touch it deserves.  Every client is different, but you can be assured that I focus on ensuring that every single one, big or small, gets the style and tone of voiceover they require, a quality piece of audio that is going to help them stand out from the crowd!

For some, that means a full-on energy voice while for others the style can be more relaxed, guy-next-door—not overly salesy, just trying to explain a concept or help the listener or viewer to make an informed decision.  Whatever style you require, it will be delivered in high-quality audio by the British Voiceover Man!

I have lots of experience in working with clients of all sizes requiring different styles or tones—I am sure I can help you too.  I have been described as “The man with the golden voice” and “an extremely experienced broadcaster” and I’m sure I can put these talents to good use by producing fantastic audio for your project!

Have a listen to some of the samples, get in touch, and we can get started right away!


Download Paul's Latest Demo Reel

Selected Voiceover Videos


Getting a perfect voice over for your project is quick and easy!

If you like the audio and video samples on this page, then get in touch via the contact form, attach your script, and I can send you a quote in no time.

If you would like to listen to how your project is going to sound with my voice, then I can provide a “custom voice over demo” completely free of charge—simply send me your script and I will record a sample and send it back to you.
Once you have approved the quote, it’s time for me to get to work!
I understand the importance of quick delivery in today’s marketplace, and so I will deliver your voice over project as quickly as possible—without sacrificing quality of course—and certainly within 24 hours.

It’s really important that you have the right tone and style for your project.

For some clients this means a full-on, energetic, high-octane delivery, while many others are looking for a more relaxed, straightforward, guy-next door style that is often appropriate for explainer videos or corporate videos.
Whatever style you require, you can be sure that I will be completely focused on delivering. I will produce a quality piece of audio that is going to help your brand, company or organization stand out from the crowd.

You can also direct me via Skype if you wish, tuning into the recording session to make sure I get your voiceover exactly right.

Once the recording has been completed, I will edit it by selecting the best version of any duplicate takes, and removing any unwanted noises such as breathing in between sentences or paragraphs.

I will then send you the voiceover audio in the format you require—often an .mp3, but if you require a .wav, .aif, or something else then no problem at all.
Sometimes changes are required, perhaps for a slight change in tone or style or to add in an extra phrase. NO PROBLEM AT ALL! AND THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST FOR THIS! In fact, I will make as many changes as necessary to ensure that all clients are 100% SATISFIED with the voiceover audio they receive.



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