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I was born in Scotland and raised in the South of England.  I went to Wellington School in Somerset, where I developed an early interest in voices, impressions and learning different languages.  From there, I attended Imperial College London and the University of Aachen in Germany, before embarking on a career in languages.

I have more than 8 years’ experience doing voiceover work for a number of different international clients.  Amongst many others, I have voiced campaigns for Ford, Telmex and Febreze.

My voice that is very adaptable and perfectly suited to a number of different styles.  I have worked on a number of documentary-style voiceovers and have also worked extensively in more upbeat, commercial-style productions.

Most of the voiceovers that I do are in English, but I also do voiceovers in Spanish.  This can be particularly effective for a client that wishes to have a voiceover in Spanish from an English-speaker (i.e. with an accent).  This may be used for comedic effect, or simply to highlight  the fact to a Spanish-speaking audience that an English-speaker is speaking.

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