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British E-learning Voice Overs

Why British English is great for e-learning voice overs

Below we discuss the most important features of e-learning voice overs, what they are used for and why you should consider a British voice over actor.

What are e-learning voice overs used for?

E-learning voicevers are used for online courses and for training staff and employees. They are also a great teaching and learning tool because they offer numerous advantages. Among them, e-learning voice overs save time and money; improve knowledge retention; and offer greater flexibility, scalability and customisation than other teaching methods.

These are some of the uses of e-learning voice overs:

  • One time training
  • Continuous corporate training
  • Academic modules: Introduction, description, explanation, post-training videos
  • Video lectures
  • Tips
  • Motivational videos
  • Demos
  • Scenarios and simulations

Another advantage of e-learning voice overs is that they can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile devices. This gives your students and employees flexibility to learn anywhere, anytime.

Characteristics of e-learning voice overs

E-learning voice overs come in various formats. In addition, their length varies according to the topics and needs of each learner and employee. Broadly speaking, e-learning videos have these characteristics:

  • Short to long duration (5-60 minutes)
  • Interactive or non-interactive videos
  • They can be animated videos, live action videos, story-based videos, kinetic texts, whiteboard animation, a mix of explainer videos, and more.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Slow to moderate pace
  • Mostly monotone voice, with good intonation and pronunciation.
  • They may include translations, subtitles, captions or transcripts.

Why choosing a British English voice actor

High quality audio, appropriate scripting, dynamic content and a professional voice actor are essential to make the voiceover engaging and easy to understand. It also keeps students motivated to continue learning.

In this respect, British English offers many advantages, including:


Experienced British English voice talent has a lot to offer. Not only because they know how to use their voice to get attention, but also to achieve better learning.

Basically, the British voice actor uses a monotonous tone of voice that conveys calmness. This will create a calm atmosphere ideal for concentrating on learning. In addition, with the right script, your British voice talent will emphasise important words. This improves knowledge retention.

On the other hand, experience brings other rewards. And I am referring specifically to time and money. A British English voice actor will offer you a quality service with quick turnaround without affecting your pocket. Especially, if your British voice talent has their own home studio. This will reduce the charges for recording equipment, editing and post-editing.

Engaging voice

A British voice actor can help you captivate your audience. After all, this 2020 survey revealed that the British accent is the most attractive in the world. And yes, it was above French, Italian and Spanish accents according to more than 37,000 respondents.

In addition, the British voice actor will add a touch of elegance to your e-learning corporate videos, making them sound more professional.

Complete voice over service

Not all voice over actors offer a full service, but The British Voice Over Man does. Paul Urwin not only has his own in-house studio, but also offers other services that can help you boost your e-learning voice overs.

The British Voice Over Man offers these services:

  • Recording in your fully equipped home studio
  • Production, editing and post-production with Reaper and other DAWs
  • Video creation, dynamic web content and translation services with 100 Percent Languages
  • Multilingual website design, localisation and SEO translation with Multiola

And of course… and on top of that, exceptional customer service!

If you are interested in hiring the British Voice Over Man for your e-learning voice overs, just follow these steps:

  1. Contact Paul using this contact form
  2. Include your script and select the option for e-learning voice overs
  3. Add other important details
  4. Paul will contact you with a voice over proposal. If you accept it, the process will begin
  5. Once completed, Paul will deliver a quality e-learning voice over within the agreed timeframe.
  6. If you wish to make edits, Paul will make them at no extra cost and send the voice over back to you.

Remember that you can always request a custom demo for your e-learning voice overs.

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