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Explainer Video Voice

How to Find the Right Voice for Your Explainer Video

Why Voice Over is Important in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos that explain things.  They are used to explain products and services, concepts and ideas, among others.

Voice over is very important in explainer videos because the images in the videos are not enough: there are concepts that need to be explained.  And captions on their own don’t work as well because they don’t allow you to manage the tone of the video, to guide and educate the viewer as easily.

What Kind of Voice Works Well in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are not movie trailers.

They tend to be more relaxed and easy-going, with a voice that guides the viewer rather than trying to forcefully convince them.  The style and tone that are used in commercials (really hyped-up, snazzy, pushing, convincing) are not necessarily appropriate for explainer videos.

A more relaxed tone doesn’t mean that it’s easy to get right, however.  A good voice over talent for explainer videos will appreciate how to work the script and manage the tone correctly.  This really helps to produce a quality explainer video where the voice over drives the video, adding the finishing touch which is going to encourage the viewer to take the desired action, whether that is to buy a product or a service, or to sign up to a community, or something else.

How to Find the Right Voice for Your Explainer Videos

The best way to find the right voice for your explainer video is to listen to a few examples.  Then, you can ask for a custom voice demo or free read of your script.  This will really enable you to get a really good idea of how the voice over is going to sound with your video.

You should be looking for a voice that fits the style of your video.

The British Voice Over Man in Explainer Videos

My name is Paul Urwin and I have a lot of experience in providing the voice over for explainer videos.

Have a look at this example below:

The idea, as mentioned above, is to voice the video in an informative, relatively relaxed style sot that the viewer can enjoy the message without being bombarded with it.

If you would like to get a quote for the voice over for your explainer video, please get in touch here.  If you would like a free custom demo for your project, please get in touch here.

All the best!


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