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How to Use a Voice Over Talent to Create Audio Content

There are millions of blogs out there.  In fact, according to, there are currently over 400 million of them!

You are reading one right now.

Which is great.  I mean, blogs are great.  They help companies and brands to share their messages.

And they have fantastic SEO value.

But they do have their limitations.

One of those limitations is that not everyone likes to read.  Some people prefer to listen to audio, others prefer to watch video.

So, if you are just producing that one kind of written content, are you reaching as many people as you would like to?

Also, audio content can really help you to stand out more in a crowded online space.  And a voice over talent can help you to produce it effectively.

Audio Content with a Voice Talent: An Example

Let me give you an example.

Some years ago, I decided that I wanted to start a blog or a podcast or some kind of digital content to share my experiences and interact with people in my industry.  I was working in translation, and at the time there were more than 1,000 blogs on translation.  So, I decided to look at audio content.  As a voice over talent, I was used to recording and editing, and so I decided to give it a go.  Importantly, there was, at that time, only one other podcast on translation.

The result: I was able to make an impact in a crowded marketplace.

What about you?

Would you like to release audio content?

Or a podcast?

What is holding you back?

Audio Content Barriers

The reason that many people don’t branch out into audio content / podcasts is, in my experience, down to one or both of the following:

  1.  They don’t have any audio recording / editing experience and are worried that they don’t have the right equipment (mic, mixer etc.) and software (garageband, audition etc.).  In other words, they are stopped in their tracks by perceived technical limitations.
  2. They just don’t like the sound of their own voice and/or are not confident talking into a microphone.

If you encounter any such barriers in launching your audio content, let me help you to overcome them!  As a voice over talent and experienced podcaster, I can either record for you, or coach you so that you can achieve the right set-up and the confidence to the deliver audio effectively.

As an experienced voice actor, I record audio for all kinds of brands and companies.  This includes helping companies convert their written content into audio content.

This can be done in several different ways:

  • Reading blogposts / written content to convert it into audio content
  • Discussing / summarizing blogposts / articles in audio form
  • Hosting a podcast

It’s all about finding the best way for you.

Experienced Voice Talent Audio Content Solutions

My name is Paul Urwin and as The British Voice Over Man, I can help you bring your written content to life!

I can help you reach new audiences…

I can help you to sell more!

Once you have set up an audio content workflow, you can use it to produce a steady stream of audio content.

Another great thing about this is that it doesn’t even need to be new content – you can succeed by simply repurposing written content that you have already produced.  Sure, it’s going to take some additional effort to produce audio content as well, but not as much as producing new content from scratch.

Don’t risk losing out by sticking to just the one type of content.

Let me help you with the right voice for your audio content / podcast.

Get in touch today and let’s get started!

All the best!


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