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Custom Voiceover Demo

What is a Custom Voiceover Demo?

What is a Custom Voiceover Demo?

A custom demo is simply a voiceover of a small part of your script (often around 100 words), usually submitted in .mp3 format.

The custom demo is not usually recorded at full studio quality and might not be fully edited.  However, custom voiceover demos can be produced very, very quickly.

Why Ask for a Custom Voiceover Demo?

While you can usually get a good idea of whether a particular voiceover talent is right for your project by reviewing their previous work, having a custom demo will really help you to get a better idea of how your project will sound with that voice.

There is nothing that compares to listening to a voice actor record your project.  When you listen to the audio, you will probably know instantly if that person is the right voiceover talent for your project.

Of course, the voiceover demo is not going to be the finished article.  You might have some additional suggestions for the voiceover talent in terms of style and tone, speed, or the way to pronounce specific words and phrases.  But it really should help you choose the right person.

How do Custom Voiceover Demos work at British Voiceover Man?

At British Voiceover Man, I offer FREE custom voiceover demos.

So, if you would like to get a feel for how your project is going to sound with my voice, then submit your script via this contact form.

I will record a sample of script in no time at all, send it back to you (together with a quote for voicing the whole script). If you are happy with my voice, and agree the price, then all you need to do is confirm the job and you’ll have your fully-edited voiceover within a maximum of 24 hours!

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